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React Class Components offered the possibility to decide whether a component has to rerender or not. It was achieved by using the PureComponent or shouldComponentUpdate to avoid performance bottlenecks in React by preventing rerenders. Let's take the following extended example:

reactpurecomp reactpurecomp2

In this case, every time you type something in the input field, the App component updates its state, rerenders, and rerenders the Count component as well. React memo -- which is one of React's top level APIs -- can be used for React Function Components to prevent a rerender when the incoming props of this component haven't changed:

reactpurecomp reactpurecomp2 Now, the Count component doesn't update anymore when the user types something into the input field. Only the App component rerenders. This performance optimization shouldn't be used as default though. I would recommend to check it out when you run into issues when the rerendering of components takes too long (e.g. rendering and updating a large list of items in a Table component). logo